About Me

Hello Crafters!

I am a twenty-something entrepreneur by day, and craft blogger by night. This blog is my way to pay homage to the way that I became obsessed with crafting!

I learned to knit when I was young, maybe 8. My grandmother taught me the basic Knit stitch. I made squares, which I now know is called a swatch, scarves and basically anything that was square or rectangular and flat. My knitting, if you could call it that stayed pretty much the same for years.

Once I got to college I made some friends that knew how to crochet! I had never even heard about that, it inspired me to pick up my needles again and start crafting, for real this time. I learned some more stitches and taught myself how to cable. My crochet friends and I would bond over scarf patterns, Pinterest and yarn, but I started to feel left out of the crochet club. I turned to YouTube. I found videos on how to chain and make different stitches. I was hooked ( see what I did there?). I kept making knit and crochet wear. I make everything from baby clothes and stuffed animals to sweaters and afghans.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it